Thursday, March 20, 2014

Customer Service à la Paris

Time is flying by and the wedding planning is well under its way. I'm starting to have some wedding-jitters, but we should be on track with everything, and luckily I have the best team behind me to help me make this into the awesomest wedding ever!
I was lucky enough to find my dress in the first shop we went to, it was pure love at first sight, and all other dresses I tried on afterwards just felt wrong and lame compared to The One. I guess the myth about finding the perfect dress taking up a ton of time doesn't apply in my case.

My dress is from Pronovias, which is a Barcelona-based brand, specialized in all things wedding. I love their collection, and they have a wide range suitable for different budgets. They also have great options for the mother of the bride.
I'm not going to spoil anything about my dress, but it won't be the most classic choice, since e.g. instead of a veil I'll be wearing a cape. 2014 is all about going bolder and bigger, thinking outside the box and breaking the traditions a bit. 
I did try on a few veils just for the fun of it, but it really was not me at all. 

As much as I love Pronovias I highly recommend that you do not purchase a dress from their Paris shops, unless you want extremely bad customer-service and a bad attitude rubbed in your face. I'm getting mine from Lyon, but my mom wanted to see one of their cocktail dresses when she comes visit us in Paris, so today I went to the shop here to book an appointment. Boy, oh boy did I not only get horrible service, but nobody has ever spoken to me in such a loathing way, that I think we'll be ordering moms dress from Lyon as well. There the staff is amazing and so helpful, they truly make buying the dress a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and just for that, it is more than worth the 2 hour long TGV-ride from Paris to Lyon. No Parisian Mr. Know It All - is going to ruin my wedding mood!



  1. nice post! you have such an amazing blog <3 really loved it :) lets follow each other? do let me know by commenting on my blog :) nice to connect :)

    1. Thanks, really nice to hear! :)