Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sisu Edition

Life is crazy here in Paris! Running from home to work to events and things and stuff, this city sure knows how to keep a girl busy. Add to that wedding planning and school reports and you have a pretty good picture of my life right now.

As much as I'm excited about living in Paris I have to be honest and say that this city sometimes makes me feel like a tiny little lost fish in a big ocean. It's not all just glamour and designer shops, it's fighting to fit in the metro during rush hour, avoiding pickpockets and your local crack-heads (the joys of beautiful Montmartre haha), using way too much hairspray because the storm-wind-like draft in the metro entries tries their best to ruin any hairdo you take time to do in the morning. It is about never leaving without an umbrella and having several cheap disposable umbrellas, because the wind and rain will destroy all of your umbrellas so don't bother getting a fancy one, it is about not touching any surface in the metro because you will most likely get every bacteria this world carries, it is about having to keep an eye out on the streets and not trusting people (silly me thought I'd be left more alone in Paris than in Lyon, seems like I'll have to purchase that pepper-spray after all). 
To put it in a nutshell - Paris is for the fighters, the city will either put you down or you'll fight and show what you're made out of. Today Paris got the best of me, but now that I'm sitting home in our beautiful apartment, blogging and staring at the light-beam from the Eiffel Tower that is visible from our rooftop apartment, with Frenchie cooking delicious food I managed to find my fighter attitude again.
It is called sisu in Finnish!
Now that I got that cleared out of the way here's a few pictures from a quick little photo-shoot we did. I have to start taking pictures of my office outfits and post them here! You'll think I only wear jeans when the truth is far from it.

I got the gorgeous bag for Christmas, it is from Ted Baker, the Clarey - bag. What do you think? I personally loooooooove it, but as much as I love Ted Baker it is made out of very fragile material and it has already gotten that nasty I-wore-something-colored-with-the-bag - look on the backside. I have to say Ted Baker have a lot to improve with the quality aspect, after all it's not the cheapest brand but they've left me disappointed with durability several times now. Shame on you Ted Baker.
Of course I wouldn't pass on the chance to show off my ring a bit more, I'll never get tired of staring at it haha! Since my Maid of Honor pointed out that holy crap, the wedding is actually coming up really soon I'll be doing "Wedding Wednesday" posts from now on - giving you tips and hints on everything wedding related, so stay tuned my fellow brides-to-be!
That's it for this time, I'll be back shortly with some gluten free treats and wedding stuff, stay in touch!



  1. hello dear. you have very nice blog. I love it <3
    tell me what about follow each other, I always follow back so let me know (>‿♥)
    xoxo from Spain

    1. Hi Ines, thank you for stopping by, I'll take a look at ur blog! :)


  2. i love your outfit !! :)