Sunday, February 23, 2014

Favorite Online Shops - Chichwish

Spring is finally starting to arrive and it's time to brighten up the wardrobe with some warm and playful colors. I've been wearing too much black lately. 
I've been enjoying the early spring sunshine cuddled warmly under a blanket. I caught a very persistent flu/influenza and been stuck in bed for over a week now, but nothing my concoction of lemon juice, ginger, honey and green tea can't fix.

When I'm bored I have a very bad habit of shopping online: If I can't wear pretty clothes I at least want to see others wear them! And since I really do think my wardrobe has turned too black I need some items to brighten it up a bit so what better way to do that then online shopping, right? 
(or posting pictures of previous trips to warm places...)

I've recently ordered a very cute-chic dress from Chicwish, and I adore their collections. It is a indie online-store that offers affordable and fashion-forward items. If I were ever to set up an online store, I'd just take over this shop haha! 
I was a bit worried to order from the shop the first time, since there's some spelling mistakes here and there and the shipping wasn't made that clear and my work-colleague experienced some problems when ordering. But all my worries were flushed away when I got my pretty dress intact and faster than the estimated shipping time. 
(Picture from Chicwish)

I ordered this cutie, if you like it, check it out here, it's still on sale! I'll be sure to post a picture of the dress on me once I heal up!

I picked a few of my favorite new arrivals, but I have to stop looking at the website now or I'll end up buying everything.
 I have homemade humus with carrots and a movie with the best company waiting for me, stay tuned next week and have a lovely Sunday!


(All outfit pictures from Chicwish)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Gluten-Free Yumminess

I've started my research for Paris' gluten free hot-spots, and I've found quite a few cafés and restaurants. The gluten-free trend is spreading a lot thanks to Hollywood and starlets following this diet, which of course benefits us that actually suffer from celiac disease. 
Well equipped grocery stores offer a lot of gluten-free options here in Paris - cakes, cereals, breads etc, my favorites are Naturalia and Bio c'bon
One rainy Saturday we headed to Helmut Newcake and boy oh boy, it is a true gluten-free paradise! It is a patisserie specialized in only gluten-free mouthwatering products.  They also have a brunch, that we'll definitely be checking out soon! 
Having been deprived from all French baked-goodies so far I went a bit crazy and took almost one of everything, but if you go there you can't really blame me haha. 
My favorite is the tarte au citron above, it is so delicious and apparently even better than the classic wheat version. Everything was delicious, but I have to say that a tad bit too sweet for my taste except for the tarte. Anyways, sweet or not, I'll be going back there soon to try out the rest of their goodies!

Make sure you stop by the blog during the weekend, but for now - enjoy your Friday! 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wedding-Sunday - Ahoy There

Happy Sunday my dear readers!

So much for my witty Wedding-Wednesday idea, I got a really nasty flu and I'm still lying in bed trying to recover. But instead of my original idea I offer you something better - Wedding-Sunday! 
As I've started to realize that the wedding is coming up very fast it's about time to start putting everything together. For this purpose I ordered the cutest custom binders from Etsy, it is your go-to place for all wedding related stuff, but be also sure to check out the other departments, I love the decor section. 
Frenchie and I started off our wedding planning with the Save the Date's. We had a fun photo-shoot in Paris and made a collage out of the best pics, which we used for the Save the Date. After some Etsy - browsing we bumped into amazing LarissaKayDesigns and together with Larissa designed a gorgeous Save the Date template. As much as I would love to show you the final result, it is too personal to share with the whole world, but I took a little screen cap to get you some idea.
We are having a nautical themed wedding on a beautiful island in Finland, which you might have guessed by the outlook of the Save the Date (well not the island but the ocean-theme). 

In this post I'll present some nautical - themed Etsy finds and share a few pictures of what I'm envisioning the wedding to be like, just to set the mood right. Later on I'll go more into detail and discuss the biggest trends for 2014, think capes instead of veils and put the spotlight in personalized cakes. Much more about that later on. 
(Pictures taken from Pinterest)
I've been browsing Etsy for bridesmaids dresses and bumped into these cute things while doing so. 
We're not going to have a traditional wedding cake so I hadn't really thought about cake toppers, I think I'd prefer flowers as a cake topper but these ones could also be good alternatives. 

Yes I do know that the deer are in no way related to our nautical-ocean theme, but everybody who knows me, knows that I love and adore reindeer. I think the cake topper is so cute I could almost buy it even if I wouldn't use it. Check out ThePinkOwlDesigns for fun and customized toppers. 
The first topper is also one of my favorites and it says it all - "Best day ever" - what more do you need? Better Off Wed offers a lot of beautiful statement cake toppers, have a look!

I love all kinds of unnecessary but yet so crucial goodies, for example these tank tops:

It's small details like these that makes the day feel even more special and unique, plus how cute will those tops look when you look back on the pictures taken of you while getting ready to walk down the aisle with your bridal party by your side? I found my favorite tops from The Little Bridal Shop.

I saw similar kind of table number holders on Pinterest and found several shops offering them on Etsy. Of course if you are a seasoned sailor it is no challenge to make them yourself, but at a cost of around $9 each, it is not too expensive to order either. Oyknot makes these knots in all kinds of colors and robes, I think my favorite is the sisal. 

While looking for the table number holders I found these cute bracelets, I love the idea of me and my bridesmaids having these on for the big day and they fit the theme perfectly. Check out these beautiful infinity-knots at ChrisOsCreations and room7070.

As the last items I found these cute striped clutches, an inexpensive but fun and pretty idea for your special girls on that special day. Visit Toriska and VincentVdesigns for these models. 

That's it for this time, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sisu Edition

Life is crazy here in Paris! Running from home to work to events and things and stuff, this city sure knows how to keep a girl busy. Add to that wedding planning and school reports and you have a pretty good picture of my life right now.

As much as I'm excited about living in Paris I have to be honest and say that this city sometimes makes me feel like a tiny little lost fish in a big ocean. It's not all just glamour and designer shops, it's fighting to fit in the metro during rush hour, avoiding pickpockets and your local crack-heads (the joys of beautiful Montmartre haha), using way too much hairspray because the storm-wind-like draft in the metro entries tries their best to ruin any hairdo you take time to do in the morning. It is about never leaving without an umbrella and having several cheap disposable umbrellas, because the wind and rain will destroy all of your umbrellas so don't bother getting a fancy one, it is about not touching any surface in the metro because you will most likely get every bacteria this world carries, it is about having to keep an eye out on the streets and not trusting people (silly me thought I'd be left more alone in Paris than in Lyon, seems like I'll have to purchase that pepper-spray after all). 
To put it in a nutshell - Paris is for the fighters, the city will either put you down or you'll fight and show what you're made out of. Today Paris got the best of me, but now that I'm sitting home in our beautiful apartment, blogging and staring at the light-beam from the Eiffel Tower that is visible from our rooftop apartment, with Frenchie cooking delicious food I managed to find my fighter attitude again.
It is called sisu in Finnish!
Now that I got that cleared out of the way here's a few pictures from a quick little photo-shoot we did. I have to start taking pictures of my office outfits and post them here! You'll think I only wear jeans when the truth is far from it.

I got the gorgeous bag for Christmas, it is from Ted Baker, the Clarey - bag. What do you think? I personally loooooooove it, but as much as I love Ted Baker it is made out of very fragile material and it has already gotten that nasty I-wore-something-colored-with-the-bag - look on the backside. I have to say Ted Baker have a lot to improve with the quality aspect, after all it's not the cheapest brand but they've left me disappointed with durability several times now. Shame on you Ted Baker.
Of course I wouldn't pass on the chance to show off my ring a bit more, I'll never get tired of staring at it haha! Since my Maid of Honor pointed out that holy crap, the wedding is actually coming up really soon I'll be doing "Wedding Wednesday" posts from now on - giving you tips and hints on everything wedding related, so stay tuned my fellow brides-to-be!
That's it for this time, I'll be back shortly with some gluten free treats and wedding stuff, stay in touch!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

New French Designers - Cha Créa

It's the weekend again! Can't tell you how much I am in need of a total relaxation-day, a day at the spa would do wonders right now. 
Instead of the spa I'll be heading to a couple of events, today a wedding fair and tomorrow I'll check out a cute pop-up store in the 11th arrondissement. 
Paris is full of wonderful new young designers, I had the pleasure to meet a talented jeweler on Thursday at an apéro-event at super cute shop/caffe/art gallery Mel, Mitch & Martin, also in the 11th arrondissement. If you're looking for something more special and personalized to shop for while in Paris, there are a lot of events like these, where you can browse through original items, while enjoying a glass of wine and mingling. Could shopping be made any better?

I absolutely fell in love with Cha Créa (go here to check out the fb page as well). I had a talk with the woman behind the brand, Charlotte, and she told me that her jewels are all about being personalized and special with individual messages. 
All items are handmade in France and tells a story, my favorite are the green/gold earrings in the previous picture. Charlotte's motto is "La vie est un jeu" - life is a playground, and it is clear that Charlotte lives this out to the fullest. Check out her website, it is possible to order everything online. 
Hint to all my fellow brides-to-be, if you're looking for personalized thank you-gifts for your maid of honor and bridesmaids, these jewels could be a fun idea. 
Now I have to get going, but I'll present the rest of the designers and the venue itself later this weekend. There'll be more jewelry and the best chocolate I've ever tasted, don't miss out on my follow-up post!

Wishing you a relaxing Saturday!