Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding Shoes - Oh Loubi...

How has your week started off? Paris has been rainy and grey and cold. I never thought I'd complain about +6c temperatures in January, take my native Southern-Finland where the temperatures have dropped to -20c. 
But the rain wasn't going to defeat me when I, accompanied by Frenchie, embarked on my first Parisian wedding shoe hunting-mission. What better place to start looking than the oh-so-glamorous and ultra Parisian Louboutin. As any shoe enthusiast, I was of course thrilled beyond belief that I'd actually finally go shopping at Loubi in Paris.

I went to the store at Saint-Honoré because it is the biggest and located on the fabulous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Yes I do agree, an absolutely horrible name for such a legendary place, but once you get the hang of the French way of pronouncing the "r" the name gets bearable. On this street you will find all the big fashion brands worth mentioning and it has been named the most fashionable street in the world.

Of course I probably didn't pick the best day to go there, it was a Saturday, but since it's not that overly crowded with tourists at the moment in Paris, I figured that it can't be too bad. Plus I don't have time during the week because all the Loubi stores close too early (gosh I miss Finnish stores that close at 9pm)

I want to set one thing straight about the Saint-Honoré store. If you have read those reviews that says they form a line in front of the store so it's not too crowded and you can shop in peace - dream on. A sturdy looking bouncer let us in to an overly crowded boutique and all the sensation of magic and luxury vanished immediately when stepping in. Even the re-opening of Burger King here in Paris made me feel more special, since they only let a handful of people in at the same time to order (I actually stood in line to get in to a fast food restaurant, oh la la).

Not letting this annoying detail affect me I politely followed the saleswoman upstairs. She then asked me what I'm looking for and I told her that I'm looking for my wedding shoes, and I would prefer them in red. Her immediate response was that oh no, no wedding shoes in red. I politely answered back that no worries I want to take a look at all the shoes you have in red plus the wedding collection - her reply "we do not have red shoes, only orange" and pointed out an orange colored shoe next to me. Well she went and got a few pairs from the wedding collection and brought them back to me. I asked once more if they have anything even close to a red shade but no, they still don't have anything.

If that is not a red Loubi then what is it? I found a couple of red shoes while walking and trying out the wedding shoe collection. But when (with not as a polite tone as before) I tell her that you do have red shoes she replies "But miss, that is not red, it is orange"..... I know the customer is not always right, but this time I was pretty sure I had it right. 

Well I continued trying on shoes but the store was way over-crowded, no privacy at all, I was lucky if I could make it to the mirror and an extremely unprofessional customer service left me very disappointed. The saleswoman didn't understand at all what I was looking for nor listened to my wishes. Don't think I'll be going back to Saint-Honoré again.

Monsieur Louboutin - if you're reading this: your customer service sucks, but I still love your shoes and will be back for the nude pumps to the left. Albeit in another more customer friendly store.

Wedding shoe-hunt to be continued!


P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I only had my iPhone with me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Edgy Pink

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!
I'll just post a quick outfit from Friday showing of my gorgeous statement necklace I got for Christmas.
(Blouse Forever 21, shoes Michael Kors, necklace Zara)
I love love love Zara's statement necklaces, even Kate Middleton is a fan. With cheap prices and beautiful designs, who could resist.
What do you think?


Paris Shopping - Montmartre

Yesterday when I was coming back home from work in a very crowded metro the passenger next to me smelled very bad. I'm not referring to the usual hobo-stint the Parisian metro is known for, but more like someone farting next to me. It was only when I hopped of the metro that I realized how wrong I had been about the source of the smell. The same gentleman I had been cursing in my head for most of the trip was actually carrying a grocery bag with smelly cheese and it was what caused the smell. I don't think this can happen anywhere else than here in France....

Moving on to the topic of today!
Since living in Paris I'd be crazy not to explore all the different shopping possibilities the City of Light has to offer. I'll be giving you tips and insider information on where to go shopping and where not to. Since I live in Montmartre I'll kick off my shopping tour of Paris in my own neighborhood. Enjoy! 

Oh and I just want to mention that none of the stores or brands that I mention in my blog has bribed me in any way, everything is bought with my own money and my opinions have not been affected in that sense.

Some years ago I bumped into a brand called Sabre and it was love at first sight. It is (coincident much?) a Parisian based company specialized in luxury cutlery. But it is not just any kind of cutlery, they have amazing designs, use of colors and a delightful playfulness that makes the forks and knifes small pieces of art. 

Anyways, I bought a few forks and knifes in pink and ivory, with a plan to start collecting them. You can mix basically any color with each other and they'll look gorgeous together. Unfortunately Sabre didn't succeed that well in Finland and after a while I couldn't find them anywhere. This of course left me frustrated, what is a girl to do with an uneven amount of forks and knifes, no dinner party hosting there. 

So you can only imagine my joy when I got to France and I had access to my favorite cutlery again. I bumped into a Sabre store in Montmarte and had to drop by for a visit. 
The basic cutlery cost around 13€ a piece and they have everything needed for a perfect and personal table setting (my next purchase will be a proper cheese knife, although I'll leave the fart smelling chees to the hard core French). 
It's an affordable luxury, since you can buy e.g. one fork at the time, that's what I do, and before you realize you have a full set. If you don't know the brand yet stop by one of their stores next time you have the chance.
Here's what Frenchie and I got for our new home:

I've recently discovered perfumer Fragonard and what can I say, they've got me hooked. They offer wonderful scents for the home, perfumes and all kinds of pretty and cute accessories. Fragonard is the kind of store I should stay far away from, since they make me want to buy everything. 
While you can get great home scents at e.g. Zara Home (here's my favorite) Fragonard scents feel more luxurious and are probably better quality. 
My dad's birthday is coming up next week and I found the perfect gift for him there, plus a small extra gift for my mom because I wanted to send her a little piece of Paris.
Head there the next time you are looking for a nice gift or for something nice to treat yourself with, it is also a great place to get souvenirs. They have several stores in Paris, this one is located right next to the Sacré-Coeur so should be easy to find. 

Right next to the Abbesses metro stop you will find a super cute bookstore, la Libraire des Abbesses. They have all kinds of things from funny Paris survival guides to classic French children's bedtime stories. I want to buy their books if for nothing else then the fact that many of the covers are beautiful and would look good as a part of the decor. A word of warning though, the lady who owns the store is a stereotypical Parisian rather rude salesperson, so don't be surprised if you don't get the best customer service.

The last store of this post is a children's store called Petit Pan. It's one of those stores that you pass on the street and just have to pop into. Although it is a kids store you can find all kinds of fun things there. We got some stuff for the bathroom, and since the sales are still on and they have pretty good deals. It is a very colorful store, and I especially love their lamps that come in animal shapes. If you are a DIY-person it is the place to go for for fun and colorful fabrics.

Tomorrow we're heading to the Cartier exposition so I'll be spending the afternoon surrounded by beautiful jewelry, stay tuned for my post about the expo!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

If I´d tell you, that I currently live in a gorgeous apartment just down from Sacré-Coeur, in a gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful city, where I pass the Louis Vuiton flag-ship store every morning on my way to work, and on Sundays I can walk around the beautiful Montmarte area and enjoy a gluten-free brunch, would you believe me?

Well you´d better, since yes, Frenchie and I are officially Parisians now! Who would have thought a year ago that I´d be running up and down the Champs Elysées to get my lunch for work, and living in a neighborhood where you can except to bump into Amélie Poulain in any corner....

But here I am, in the city of lights and I feel so blessed. I can't wait to introduce all the gems of my new hometown to you. It'll be an interesting time for my blog, with a lot of new material and publicity. Unfortunately since I work long days I don't know yet how often per week I can blog, but I'll at least blog during the weekend and hopefully a few times during the week as well. 
I've done a few collages to show what you've been missing out on during the past month, I'll tell you all about it later.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to join me in my Parisian adventure, I am so excited and hope you are too!