Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Weird Bread People

Time flies away, I´ve been super busy the past week. Frenchie and I spent the weekend in his hometown in Mulhouse, which is a gorgeous city close to the German border. We also visited this picture perfect town in Germany. I´ve been to four different countries in one week, gotta love Europe! Here´s some pictures from our trip to Badenweiler, Germany. We hiked up to the ruins of the castle. It was a very cloudy and rainy day but the view was still gorgeous.

I love living in France and getting to know the culture, but I´ve bumped into some things I find a bit funny. Take for instance bread. The French use it as a piece of cutlery during meals, one can´t imagine France without bread. The only thing that´s open on a Sunday is a boulangerie, don´t mind the pharmacies etc. As long as the French have bread everything is well in the world. Since I can´t eat bread, thanks to my celiac disease, I´ve come to spend quite some time staring at other peoples bread consumption (sounds weird and scary, I know, I need another hobby haha). There´s several written and unwritten rules on how to eat bread the right way. 

First of all, a true French never puts bread on a plate, it has to be on the table next to the plate. We discussed this with Frenchie over lunch the other day, and it is so true, everybody does that. Secondly, you´re not allowed to bite into the bread (of course if there´s something, eg. jam or cheese on the bread this is allowed, since it becomes a tartine) but instead rip small pieces apart from the bread with your hands. And there´s always plenty of bread, always. I´m a very visual person, and the whole bread-on-the-table-thing started bothering my visual senses. Why put a piece of bread on the table, there will be crumbs all over the place, and bye bye beautiful table-setting. So, for the rest of that lunch I spent my time eyeing out other tables and seeing everybody do the same as Frenchie - making a mess with his crumbs on the table. I was smugly laughing at the oh-so-civilzed French people, bread on the table, yeah right. 

That was until today. We went for lunch at an amazing full gluten-free restaurant and they served me bread that I could eat. It wasn´t until I had put my piece of bread on the table and was ripping small parts of it with my hands to scrape up the rest of the delicious sauce, that I noticed I´m doing the exact same as the rest! How´s that even possible, mom will cry a tiny bit when she reads this. Her daughter, who´s been brought up amongst gorgeous table-settings and being emphasized on the importance of having a separate plate for the bread, ate bread the French way. Oh la la, am I becoming too French? 

Now I have to run again, I´ll do my best to blog more often this week!