Thursday, September 19, 2013


So much for intensive blogging this week. Believe it or not, I´ve once again spent the week being sick and stuck at home... Hopefully this is just an annoying flu, that´ll disappear soon. So hence the silence, but I´m still alive and haven´t died of  French cheese overdose, not yet. Anyways, these past days I´ve spent my time sleeping and working on school projects. 

Last week I did some Sephora shopping, I´m so happy to be living in a city that has Sephora, you can find all kinds of things in there. I had run out of mascara and wanted a facial scrub, and I´m pretty happy with my findings. 

I tested out both products for the first time. I absolutely love the cleansing gel! I was a bit worried that it might be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but it worked out perfectly. I use that every other day, and mix it up with my trusted Biotherm Cleansing Milk, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Sephora´s Cleansing gel scrubs the skin without being too harsh, and leaves the skin fresh and good looking. Let´s hope it stays that way, I´ll report to you later on if our love-story is still going on strong. 
As for their They´re Real - mascara, I was disappointed the first time I tried it on. It didn´t give the promised wow-effect, not even close. But when I tried it the next morning the result was completely different, and it made my eyelashes look full and long. Then again my own lashes are quite long, but very thin, so I´m still a bit disappointed. All in all, a good mascara, maybe I´m applying it the wrong way, so I´ll keep testing it. Holds on for the whole day, and gives a dark and rich look. 
Moving on to another topic, flowers! I loooooooove flowers. Our nearby flowershop´s owner already knows us, and she has the cutest dog as a mascot in her store. As several times these past weeks, we dropped quickly by the farmers market and bought delicious grilled chicken, before going to the flowershop. The dog saw as from a little distance, and ran towards us with his tail wagging and looking so happy. I thought he was just happy to see us, since we´ve become almost buddies (by buddies I mean I´m staring at him every time I enter the shop, and sigh about how cute he is and how much I miss Nacho, while the dog sleeps on the floor). But as it turns out, he smelled the yummy chicken and tried to eat that, and didn´t care about us. Dogs....

This week´s floral theme is pink/white/enough Eucalyptus to feed a koala-family. What more does a girl need than beautiful flowers?
I´ve also fallen in love with the big farmers market that´s happening uphill every weekend. Last Sunday we bought several kilos of the best tomatoes ever for 3€. Go to Finland and you´ll get a single kilo of raw, tasteless tomatoes for the same price.
I´m off to dinner, but I promise to return tomorrow with some outfit posts! Have a nice evening!
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  1. hello from Russia, from Vyborg. Nice post

    1. Thank you! :) And welcome back again!