Thursday, September 5, 2013

Food Paradise

I love food, so Lyon feels like a piece of paradise (especially after Finland) with all that it has to offer cuisine wise. Close to where we live is a farmers market, which is open 6 days a week, and filled with the best quality veggies, fruit, seafood, bread and much more. Even a simple thing like broccoli tastes so good when it´s locally and organic produced. In Finland, food, as pretty much everything else, is very expensive, and my budget isn´t too organic friendly. So what I really love about this farmers market, is that the products are the same price as in big stores, and sometimes even cheaper. 

On our way (uphill again, seriously this city is the best place to get that Beyonce-derrière with all the hills and stairs) to the market, we stopped for some photos of my new wedges. Got them on sale, 30€ for my new gorgeous summer heels, can life get better?

To answer my own question, yes it actually can. We spent the rest of the day at a friends place hanging out by the pool and enjoying the warm summer weather. Did someone say the fall is coming? 

That´s it for this time. You´ll hear from me soon again, too much to blog and talk about. Enjoy your Thursday, it´s almost time for the weekend!



  1. Olá,vim conhecer seu Blog e já estou super seguindo,parabéns,seu cantinho é muito legal.
    Gostaria de te convidar para conhecer meu Blog e se gostar e puder seguir também,será muito bem vinda...deixa um recadinho pra mim :)

  2. Hi, nice post and pictures :)
    I love colors of market place :)
    Nice to meet you, i'm your new italian follower :)
    If you want visit my blog and follow me :D
    Than you very much

    1. Hi! So nice to hear and a warm welcome to my blog! :)
      I´ll visit your blog tomorrow and leave a comment!