Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finnish Manners...

I just managed to embarrass the whole population of France, by opening a wine bottle the wrong way. I had to run and hide, but luckily I can always blame my Finnish barbarian manners for this beginners mistake. Apart from my uncivilized ways of opening up wine bottles, it´s a gorgeous evening in Lyon. It´s started raining a bit and there´s a feeling of fall in the air (the weather is still very warm, at least for Finnish standards). The Alps are visible from our close-by pétanque field, I´m sitting in a cozy fatboy drinking wine and blogging, while Frenchie is cooking his delicious mushroom-risotto for us. All in all, just enjoying all the smaller joys of life, and being very grateful for my new life in Lyon. 
It´s been a very hectic and pretty tough week, so my blogging hasn´t been uptodate. I´m exhausted and will probably fall asleep after this glass of wine, but before that I want to post a few pictures. A little overview of my life and apartment here in France, I´ll tell you a lot more about it tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday evening, take it easy and spend it with your loved ones!

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