Monday, September 2, 2013

Current City: Lyon

I´m finally here! 
It´s been an amazing few days. Having Frenchie pick me up at the airport in Geneva with a red rose, wandering around the streets of Geneva, champagne picnics (34€ for a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, wasn´t Switzerland supposed to be expensive?), driving through the Alps to Italy and seeing the Biennale in Venice, and then finally yesterday night getting to Lyon and my new home town, makes me feel so lucky and blessed. Although I´m missing my family and friends (and Nacho so so so so much) a lot, walking through the beautiful streets of the city today made me feel like home. 
One minus for Geneva though, their Starbucks Wifi was valid for only 10 min and super slow, so I couldn´t blog. And in Venice I didn´t have time. But now I´m sitting in my new apartment, eating the best gluten free cakes I´ve ever had (Frenchie doesn´t like cakes, but he loved these ones), from a place called Soline. They´re specialized in gluten free and vegan foods, so to all my fellow celiac-allergic Lyon-citizens, that place is a must to try out!
I´m off again soon, but before that I want to post a few pictures from my adventures so far. Venice was absolutely gorgeous! Never been there before, but definitely going back. So much to see and admire, that I could easily spend several days there. Driving there from Geneva through the Alpes was also incredible, Europe is so beautiful. 

À bientôt!

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