Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Culture Shock vol. 1

My life as a Française has gotten off to a good start. 
I´ve studied French for six years ages ago, but it´s slowly coming back. The best way to learn is to just speak and try your best, and that´s what I´ve been doing. No use in being scared about wrong pronunciation or lack of vocabulary, the locals appreciate the effort of you trying to speak the language no matter your skills. The fear of saying something funny, and not being fluent, forms an invisible wall to many adults trying to speak a foreign language, and I advice warmly to just give it a go and not think about sounding perfect. Easy for me to say I guess, since I was thrown into a foreign country where I had to learn a weird new language at the age of four, so I´m somewhat used to situations like these. But go for it, be brave and laugh at yourself when making mistakes. That´s probably one of the best skills I´ve learned in life so far, being able to laugh at yourself. Not everything is meant to be taken that seriously. 
To not turn this post into too much deep blabber, I´m happily admitting that France and I suit well together. Today was my first day of school in Lyon and after we wen´t round and about the city. So far I´ve managed to buy fabric, shoes, clothes, cheese and flowers in French. Fluent or not, at least I´m getting understood and have left home with the right products. 

Below is the view from the terrain de pétanque which is just down the street from me. Lyon is a very hilly place (going back and forth to school counts as a work out), and from the park you have a gorgeous view over the city. In clear weather the Alps are visible in the background. A beautiful city, not much more to add. 

I´ll post pictures about the flower arrangements I did earlier today. I´m quite happy with the outcome.This evening I was pampered with the best pasta carbonara I´ve ever had (although instead of pasta we had fresh spinach), once again I have to give credit to Frenchie´s awesome cooking skills. Now I´m drinking pamplemousse wine (all my friends will know how much I love that French word haha) and blogging. I also just got some great news, my bff will be coming here in the beginning of October, can´t wait! 
Have to admit that this morning I experienced a bit of a overwhelming feeling to my new country, which I guess is inevitable. But this beautiful city, that´s starting to feel like home very quick, managed to reassure me, that I´m in the right place and life couldn´t be better. 

Hope you´ve had a good start to the week!


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    1. Thank you so much, and a warm welcome! :) I´ll check out ur blog asap :)