Friday, September 20, 2013

Chanel Chic

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the October Vogue Paris edition, went to my close-by tanning/amazing view/reading spot, and got some much needed French-practice, with the help of their Paris Fashion Week - ponderings. Normally, I don´t take that much inspiration from fashion magazines, or even read them much anymore. But this was a refreshing exception. I completely fell for their cover photo for a smaller spread about the upcoming fashion week. An old-school Chanel inspired shot, the classics with a twist. 
Yesterday I talked with a dear friend of mine, and she asked me, if I had any good style-inspirations, preferably budget friendly since we´re still students. Well my Chanel Chic isn´t that budget friendly, but with a little digging and patience, you´ll find your inner Chanel Fashionista look from main street shops.  
I have to quickly mention, that yesterday I managed to get downhill for the first time (hill being a big understatement, since it feels more like a mountain to me, being used to mostly flat surfaces) with those 12cm wedges I´m wearing in the picture above. Now the real challenge is to do the same in my 13cm Minna Parikka Angora shoes, without breaking any body parts. I´m pretty sure there is a really good, safety-related, reason why most Lyonnaise stick to flats. No need to start defying the rules of gravity.

Animal prints are also a long-time favorite of mine. Although to be honest, I haven´t used prints too much yet. But now I´ve found some items I really love, especially black and white and leopard warms my heart. 
Right now I´m snuggling under a warm blanket, drinking green tea spiced with honey and listening to the new Kings of Leon album, and planning my new challenge - a budget friendly Chanel Chic  look. When I get rid of this flue once and for all, I´ll hit the stores and find the perfect, inexpensive, Chanel inspired look for you guys!

Enjoy your Friday, and come back soon again for some pics from my trip to Venice!


(collage-pictures taken from the Vogue magazine)


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