Monday, September 23, 2013

Time For Some Pictures

It´s Monday again...
I´ll start the week off with a post filled with pictures from Geneva and Venice. I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves, and make a quick conclusion, that Venice is absolutely breathtaking, and I want to go back there again! 

Here in Lyon the sun is shining and it´s warm outside. I can´t believe it´s almost October, and I can still go out and tan! So long Finnish fall and winter, I won´t be coming back, haha!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Chanel Chic

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the October Vogue Paris edition, went to my close-by tanning/amazing view/reading spot, and got some much needed French-practice, with the help of their Paris Fashion Week - ponderings. Normally, I don´t take that much inspiration from fashion magazines, or even read them much anymore. But this was a refreshing exception. I completely fell for their cover photo for a smaller spread about the upcoming fashion week. An old-school Chanel inspired shot, the classics with a twist. 
Yesterday I talked with a dear friend of mine, and she asked me, if I had any good style-inspirations, preferably budget friendly since we´re still students. Well my Chanel Chic isn´t that budget friendly, but with a little digging and patience, you´ll find your inner Chanel Fashionista look from main street shops.  
I have to quickly mention, that yesterday I managed to get downhill for the first time (hill being a big understatement, since it feels more like a mountain to me, being used to mostly flat surfaces) with those 12cm wedges I´m wearing in the picture above. Now the real challenge is to do the same in my 13cm Minna Parikka Angora shoes, without breaking any body parts. I´m pretty sure there is a really good, safety-related, reason why most Lyonnaise stick to flats. No need to start defying the rules of gravity.

Animal prints are also a long-time favorite of mine. Although to be honest, I haven´t used prints too much yet. But now I´ve found some items I really love, especially black and white and leopard warms my heart. 
Right now I´m snuggling under a warm blanket, drinking green tea spiced with honey and listening to the new Kings of Leon album, and planning my new challenge - a budget friendly Chanel Chic  look. When I get rid of this flue once and for all, I´ll hit the stores and find the perfect, inexpensive, Chanel inspired look for you guys!

Enjoy your Friday, and come back soon again for some pics from my trip to Venice!


(collage-pictures taken from the Vogue magazine)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


So much for intensive blogging this week. Believe it or not, I´ve once again spent the week being sick and stuck at home... Hopefully this is just an annoying flu, that´ll disappear soon. So hence the silence, but I´m still alive and haven´t died of  French cheese overdose, not yet. Anyways, these past days I´ve spent my time sleeping and working on school projects. 

Last week I did some Sephora shopping, I´m so happy to be living in a city that has Sephora, you can find all kinds of things in there. I had run out of mascara and wanted a facial scrub, and I´m pretty happy with my findings. 

I tested out both products for the first time. I absolutely love the cleansing gel! I was a bit worried that it might be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but it worked out perfectly. I use that every other day, and mix it up with my trusted Biotherm Cleansing Milk, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Sephora´s Cleansing gel scrubs the skin without being too harsh, and leaves the skin fresh and good looking. Let´s hope it stays that way, I´ll report to you later on if our love-story is still going on strong. 
As for their They´re Real - mascara, I was disappointed the first time I tried it on. It didn´t give the promised wow-effect, not even close. But when I tried it the next morning the result was completely different, and it made my eyelashes look full and long. Then again my own lashes are quite long, but very thin, so I´m still a bit disappointed. All in all, a good mascara, maybe I´m applying it the wrong way, so I´ll keep testing it. Holds on for the whole day, and gives a dark and rich look. 
Moving on to another topic, flowers! I loooooooove flowers. Our nearby flowershop´s owner already knows us, and she has the cutest dog as a mascot in her store. As several times these past weeks, we dropped quickly by the farmers market and bought delicious grilled chicken, before going to the flowershop. The dog saw as from a little distance, and ran towards us with his tail wagging and looking so happy. I thought he was just happy to see us, since we´ve become almost buddies (by buddies I mean I´m staring at him every time I enter the shop, and sigh about how cute he is and how much I miss Nacho, while the dog sleeps on the floor). But as it turns out, he smelled the yummy chicken and tried to eat that, and didn´t care about us. Dogs....

This week´s floral theme is pink/white/enough Eucalyptus to feed a koala-family. What more does a girl need than beautiful flowers?
I´ve also fallen in love with the big farmers market that´s happening uphill every weekend. Last Sunday we bought several kilos of the best tomatoes ever for 3€. Go to Finland and you´ll get a single kilo of raw, tasteless tomatoes for the same price.
I´m off to dinner, but I promise to return tomorrow with some outfit posts! Have a nice evening!
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finnish Manners...

I just managed to embarrass the whole population of France, by opening a wine bottle the wrong way. I had to run and hide, but luckily I can always blame my Finnish barbarian manners for this beginners mistake. Apart from my uncivilized ways of opening up wine bottles, it´s a gorgeous evening in Lyon. It´s started raining a bit and there´s a feeling of fall in the air (the weather is still very warm, at least for Finnish standards). The Alps are visible from our close-by pétanque field, I´m sitting in a cozy fatboy drinking wine and blogging, while Frenchie is cooking his delicious mushroom-risotto for us. All in all, just enjoying all the smaller joys of life, and being very grateful for my new life in Lyon. 
It´s been a very hectic and pretty tough week, so my blogging hasn´t been uptodate. I´m exhausted and will probably fall asleep after this glass of wine, but before that I want to post a few pictures. A little overview of my life and apartment here in France, I´ll tell you a lot more about it tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday evening, take it easy and spend it with your loved ones!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Weird Bread People

Time flies away, I´ve been super busy the past week. Frenchie and I spent the weekend in his hometown in Mulhouse, which is a gorgeous city close to the German border. We also visited this picture perfect town in Germany. I´ve been to four different countries in one week, gotta love Europe! Here´s some pictures from our trip to Badenweiler, Germany. We hiked up to the ruins of the castle. It was a very cloudy and rainy day but the view was still gorgeous.

I love living in France and getting to know the culture, but I´ve bumped into some things I find a bit funny. Take for instance bread. The French use it as a piece of cutlery during meals, one can´t imagine France without bread. The only thing that´s open on a Sunday is a boulangerie, don´t mind the pharmacies etc. As long as the French have bread everything is well in the world. Since I can´t eat bread, thanks to my celiac disease, I´ve come to spend quite some time staring at other peoples bread consumption (sounds weird and scary, I know, I need another hobby haha). There´s several written and unwritten rules on how to eat bread the right way. 

First of all, a true French never puts bread on a plate, it has to be on the table next to the plate. We discussed this with Frenchie over lunch the other day, and it is so true, everybody does that. Secondly, you´re not allowed to bite into the bread (of course if there´s something, eg. jam or cheese on the bread this is allowed, since it becomes a tartine) but instead rip small pieces apart from the bread with your hands. And there´s always plenty of bread, always. I´m a very visual person, and the whole bread-on-the-table-thing started bothering my visual senses. Why put a piece of bread on the table, there will be crumbs all over the place, and bye bye beautiful table-setting. So, for the rest of that lunch I spent my time eyeing out other tables and seeing everybody do the same as Frenchie - making a mess with his crumbs on the table. I was smugly laughing at the oh-so-civilzed French people, bread on the table, yeah right. 

That was until today. We went for lunch at an amazing full gluten-free restaurant and they served me bread that I could eat. It wasn´t until I had put my piece of bread on the table and was ripping small parts of it with my hands to scrape up the rest of the delicious sauce, that I noticed I´m doing the exact same as the rest! How´s that even possible, mom will cry a tiny bit when she reads this. Her daughter, who´s been brought up amongst gorgeous table-settings and being emphasized on the importance of having a separate plate for the bread, ate bread the French way. Oh la la, am I becoming too French? 

Now I have to run again, I´ll do my best to blog more often this week!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Food Paradise

I love food, so Lyon feels like a piece of paradise (especially after Finland) with all that it has to offer cuisine wise. Close to where we live is a farmers market, which is open 6 days a week, and filled with the best quality veggies, fruit, seafood, bread and much more. Even a simple thing like broccoli tastes so good when it´s locally and organic produced. In Finland, food, as pretty much everything else, is very expensive, and my budget isn´t too organic friendly. So what I really love about this farmers market, is that the products are the same price as in big stores, and sometimes even cheaper. 

On our way (uphill again, seriously this city is the best place to get that Beyonce-derrière with all the hills and stairs) to the market, we stopped for some photos of my new wedges. Got them on sale, 30€ for my new gorgeous summer heels, can life get better?

To answer my own question, yes it actually can. We spent the rest of the day at a friends place hanging out by the pool and enjoying the warm summer weather. Did someone say the fall is coming? 

That´s it for this time. You´ll hear from me soon again, too much to blog and talk about. Enjoy your Thursday, it´s almost time for the weekend!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Culture Shock vol. 1

My life as a Française has gotten off to a good start. 
I´ve studied French for six years ages ago, but it´s slowly coming back. The best way to learn is to just speak and try your best, and that´s what I´ve been doing. No use in being scared about wrong pronunciation or lack of vocabulary, the locals appreciate the effort of you trying to speak the language no matter your skills. The fear of saying something funny, and not being fluent, forms an invisible wall to many adults trying to speak a foreign language, and I advice warmly to just give it a go and not think about sounding perfect. Easy for me to say I guess, since I was thrown into a foreign country where I had to learn a weird new language at the age of four, so I´m somewhat used to situations like these. But go for it, be brave and laugh at yourself when making mistakes. That´s probably one of the best skills I´ve learned in life so far, being able to laugh at yourself. Not everything is meant to be taken that seriously. 
To not turn this post into too much deep blabber, I´m happily admitting that France and I suit well together. Today was my first day of school in Lyon and after we wen´t round and about the city. So far I´ve managed to buy fabric, shoes, clothes, cheese and flowers in French. Fluent or not, at least I´m getting understood and have left home with the right products. 

Below is the view from the terrain de pétanque which is just down the street from me. Lyon is a very hilly place (going back and forth to school counts as a work out), and from the park you have a gorgeous view over the city. In clear weather the Alps are visible in the background. A beautiful city, not much more to add. 

I´ll post pictures about the flower arrangements I did earlier today. I´m quite happy with the outcome.This evening I was pampered with the best pasta carbonara I´ve ever had (although instead of pasta we had fresh spinach), once again I have to give credit to Frenchie´s awesome cooking skills. Now I´m drinking pamplemousse wine (all my friends will know how much I love that French word haha) and blogging. I also just got some great news, my bff will be coming here in the beginning of October, can´t wait! 
Have to admit that this morning I experienced a bit of a overwhelming feeling to my new country, which I guess is inevitable. But this beautiful city, that´s starting to feel like home very quick, managed to reassure me, that I´m in the right place and life couldn´t be better. 

Hope you´ve had a good start to the week!