Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Art Of Packing

So, on the 29th of August I will be lifting off from Helsinki airport towards new adventures. I´ll be moving to Lyon to do my exchange. I can´t even describe how excited I am! As much as I can´t wait for it to be time to head to the airport, reality is starting to sink in. I will stay in France until Christmas. And I haven´t even started thinking about what to pack with me.
As a devoted fashionista, I want to take all my shoes and clothes with me, but I would need a moving truck for that to be possible. Not to even mention I´ll need to get a seperate apartment for my clothes in Lyon. So as easy as that would be it´s not possibe.I would also love to drag my Kartell Bourgie lamp with me that I got as a gift from my darling bff. It´s just a lamp, but I love it and I don´t want to live without it for too long, haha. And then there´s the shoes... How am I supposed to decide which shoes comes with me and which ones I abandon here.
Since I´m going to France I´ll be shopping a lot, too much. Surrounded by beautiful stores in a beautiful city, living the dream drinking wine and eating cheese. How am I supposed not to shop, I mean beautiful surroundings requires beautiful clothes, right? So, I think the question is more how will I ever get all my stuff back to Finland. I rather not think about that problem yet.

So with all this in mind, I need to start choosing what I´ll take with me. But since it´ll still be warm when I go there, and we´ll travel quite a lot with Frenchie I need summer clothes. But then fall awaits around the corner, and it´s time to pull out all the cosy knits and other warm clothing. And my trench coat, and fall dresses, and shirts, and skirts, and jeans,and shoes. And then it´s winter, so I need even warmer clothes, and shoes. I have limited my options to two big lugages and one carry on, that I´ll have with me in the cabin. If I want all the shoes I´ve planned to take with me, they´ll fill up one bag already. So I need to start cutting things out cold blooded from my list. Can I hire someone to do this for me? Anyone?

My other option, that I thought about, was to not take any clothes with me. Buy everything there. But since I´m not a millionaire or don´t like running away from problems, this is not a solution either. So far I know that I´ll take my trench coat, a couple of blazers, some shoes that I can´t live without and my bags of course. Í still have a mountain of clothes I need to unpack since moving back to my parents place for the summer. I rather not. Can I just escape these piles of clothes and stop living like a materialistic? Would be so much easier. But let´s be realistic here, that will never happen. So instead I´ve decided to give out all the clothes that I don´t use to charity. Although it won´t help me with my packing despair.
So I think the only option here is to do a strict and limited list of all the things I want with me (and that list doesn´t include my Bourgie unfortunately). Because the real problem will be how to get everything back to Finland.
I hoped panicking about this to you would help me figure out a game plan, but I´m afraid it did the contrary. Since before this, I hadn´t really thought about how to get everything back. My green tea that I´ve been drinking the past half hour is getting cold and bitter and does little to de-stress me. These are the times I´m jealous of guys, how much easier all this is for them. Oh well, c´est la vie and so on, once I´ll get my hands dirty I´ll have it done in a few hours. Until that, I´ll keep drinking my cold tea and browse google for teleporters on sale.
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    1. Thank you, so nice to hear! and I hope you´ll enjoy my blog :) I´ll visit your blog asap!!