Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Week In Finland!

It´s the beginning of a wonderful week, dear readers! Although, since I´ve been neglecting my blog last week due to my hectic schedule, I had written a few posts that were supposed to be posted automatically. Or so I thought, but obviously they weren´t, since I forgot to tick a tiny box. But oh well, technology won this round. 
I´m sitting in my room, staring at the piles of clothes spread around the floor and bed and everywhere. Yesterday I managed to do the unthinkable, and choose what shoes I´d take with me to France. Come Thursday morning I´ll be saying au revoir Finlande et bonjour France! 
Last week flew by, and I´ve had the pleasure to enjoy quality time with my near and dear ones. Plus sort out all my stuff. I´ve moved a few times this past year, and I´ve just stuffed all my belongings, everything from furniture to bedlinen, at my parents place. And needless to say, I have a loooooooot of stuff. So last week has gone by sorting that. I´ve been postponing this moment as much as possible, packing, since I still don´t have a clue what to pack. I have type 1 Diabetes, so after having packed all the equipment that´ll keep me alive in Lyon, I only have room for clothes in one suitcase. I´m gathering my courage here before plunging head first into that project. 

Last week I went to refill my makeup storages at MAC, and as always, they did a great job. I´m really into a modern Marilyn Monroe look with my makeup, and I loved what they did to my eyes at MAC. I´ll do a post about the products later tonight, so you can also achieve this gorgeous look. What do you think?

Instead of packing I´m focusing on perfecting my playlists on Spotify, listening to Bronze Radio Return and staring at Nacho snoring in the bed. He´s fully recovered, a bit tired still, but otherwise just as Macho-Nacho as he was before his surgery. I will miss him so much while in France, but he´s in the best care possible with his "grandparents". 
But now it´s time to get my hands dirty, wish me good luck with the packing. I´ll need it.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Nacho has recovered well from his surgery, and it´s been a busy week for us with a big family party and preparations for my moving to France.
I´ve talked a lot about my mom in my blog, and I thought it would only be fair to present the face behind the name. My mom is a gorgeous, beautiful lady, whom I admire and look up to. We are a lot alike, more than I would like to admit - like mother, like daughter is true in our case. 

The little patient says hi to everyone. These pics are taken on his first night after the surgery, when Nacho was so exhausted. But he´s doing fine and will be running around in the doggy-park in no time!

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Accessories - The Statement Necklaces

I´m a sucker for beautiful jewelry. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it - I love it. I´m especially fond of good ol´ statement necklaces. I love to add a little something extra to my outfits, and what easier way is there, than putting on an attention seeking necklace. If I´m going for a more layd-back, look I´ll wear e.g. a simple-colored necklace without too much hassle and dazzle on it. When I want dress to impress, I pull out the shiny blings and high heels, wearing simple clothes and letting the accessories speak for themselves.

Here´s some of my favorites. I´ve pretty much always loved shiny and pretty things, which I guess is a lot thanks to my mom. She´s a very artistic soul, with an amazing eye for all things beautiful. She does a lot of flower decorations and interior stuff, and I´m very grateful to have inherited her artistic side.

I use statement necklaces with pretty much any outfit. Gold, diamonds and blue are my favorite colors and materials at the moment. The key is to keep other accessories to a minimum and letting the necklace take center stage. Too much bling doesn´t look good on anyone (sorry rappers...).

I´ve continued running back and forth to the doctors, tests and MRI.s, but I think I can finally sigh of relief and declare, that I´m well on my way to recover. I´m feeling so much better and can´t wait to get back to my daily blogging. Around this time in two weeks I´ll be landing in Geneva and continuing to Venice the next day. So keep your fingers crossed that I´ll be able to travel by then! 
I just took baby Nacho to the vet. He´s other testicle is hidden in his stomach (it´s a "fault" he was born with and quite common with dogs) and now it had to be removed. How will I ever cope with kids if I´m this worried and protective over my dog getting surgery, haha! I´ll let you guys know about Nachos state as soon as he´s safe back home.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Art Of Packing

So, on the 29th of August I will be lifting off from Helsinki airport towards new adventures. I´ll be moving to Lyon to do my exchange. I can´t even describe how excited I am! As much as I can´t wait for it to be time to head to the airport, reality is starting to sink in. I will stay in France until Christmas. And I haven´t even started thinking about what to pack with me.
As a devoted fashionista, I want to take all my shoes and clothes with me, but I would need a moving truck for that to be possible. Not to even mention I´ll need to get a seperate apartment for my clothes in Lyon. So as easy as that would be it´s not possibe.I would also love to drag my Kartell Bourgie lamp with me that I got as a gift from my darling bff. It´s just a lamp, but I love it and I don´t want to live without it for too long, haha. And then there´s the shoes... How am I supposed to decide which shoes comes with me and which ones I abandon here.
Since I´m going to France I´ll be shopping a lot, too much. Surrounded by beautiful stores in a beautiful city, living the dream drinking wine and eating cheese. How am I supposed not to shop, I mean beautiful surroundings requires beautiful clothes, right? So, I think the question is more how will I ever get all my stuff back to Finland. I rather not think about that problem yet.

So with all this in mind, I need to start choosing what I´ll take with me. But since it´ll still be warm when I go there, and we´ll travel quite a lot with Frenchie I need summer clothes. But then fall awaits around the corner, and it´s time to pull out all the cosy knits and other warm clothing. And my trench coat, and fall dresses, and shirts, and skirts, and jeans,and shoes. And then it´s winter, so I need even warmer clothes, and shoes. I have limited my options to two big lugages and one carry on, that I´ll have with me in the cabin. If I want all the shoes I´ve planned to take with me, they´ll fill up one bag already. So I need to start cutting things out cold blooded from my list. Can I hire someone to do this for me? Anyone?

My other option, that I thought about, was to not take any clothes with me. Buy everything there. But since I´m not a millionaire or don´t like running away from problems, this is not a solution either. So far I know that I´ll take my trench coat, a couple of blazers, some shoes that I can´t live without and my bags of course. Í still have a mountain of clothes I need to unpack since moving back to my parents place for the summer. I rather not. Can I just escape these piles of clothes and stop living like a materialistic? Would be so much easier. But let´s be realistic here, that will never happen. So instead I´ve decided to give out all the clothes that I don´t use to charity. Although it won´t help me with my packing despair.
So I think the only option here is to do a strict and limited list of all the things I want with me (and that list doesn´t include my Bourgie unfortunately). Because the real problem will be how to get everything back to Finland.
I hoped panicking about this to you would help me figure out a game plan, but I´m afraid it did the contrary. Since before this, I hadn´t really thought about how to get everything back. My green tea that I´ve been drinking the past half hour is getting cold and bitter and does little to de-stress me. These are the times I´m jealous of guys, how much easier all this is for them. Oh well, c´est la vie and so on, once I´ll get my hands dirty I´ll have it done in a few hours. Until that, I´ll keep drinking my cold tea and browse google for teleporters on sale.
(not my own pictures)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

July felt like a never ending month for me. I thought about what to tell you, my lovely readers, about why I haven´t been blogging. Instead of coming up with a story, of how I was kidnapped to a remote paradise island with no internet connection, I want to tell you the real reason.
You might remember me doing posts about being at the hospital in June. And when writing my previous post I actually thought the worse was behind me. But as it turned out, I was wrong. After my previous post in July I got a lot worse and the ugly truth is, that I did not have the strength to blog anymore. I was too tired and weak. I´m not going to go deeper into what I´ve been suffering from, but what I can tell you, is that this has been going on for several months, and a few weeks back it got the best of me and I had no choice but to rest.
I´ve been eating more antibiotics in the past months then what should be legal. But it´s nothing too serious, and I have another doctors appointment on Friday, so hopefully I´ll be able to get rid of this once and for all.
I´m slowly recovering and have been back to work this week, although just one day. Slowly but firmly is the strategy here. As long as I´m back to my old self by the 29th, when I´ll begin my adventure in France.
Despite all of this, I was able to enjoy June and what a wonderful month it was! Now I´m hoping to be able to spend as much time as possible with my close friends and family before moving to France. And of course Nacho, I don´t even wan´t to imagine how much I´ll miss him (he´s gonna stay with my mom and dad). It is setbacks like these that really teaches one to appreciate the small things in life.

So after spending many weeks sick in bed, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to kinda get my social life back and get to dress up again and put makeup on! So I think it´s only fair to break my silence with an outfit post.

 I found this gorgeous grey maxi skirt a while back, and I absolutely love it! It can be used for a more chilled look with ballerinas or a more fancy with heels and stand out accessorise. Mom found this gorgeous necklace from Zara and got me one as well as a gift, do I have the best mom or what!
It feels sooooo good to wear pretty clothes again, I love summer fashion. And I love the split in the skirt, creates the desired wow-effect, what more can you ask from a skirt!
Oh I totally forgot to mention,my new Minna Parikka shoes, that I tragically posted about, will be saved! More about that tomorrow.
Hope your enjoying your summer!