Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paris Fashion Week - Elie Saab

Lebanese Elie Saab has long been one of my favorite designers. I love his designs, chic, classy and timeless. What comes to couture, he belongs to the fashion worlds elite, and his Fall/Winter collection at the Paris fashion week was a spectacular display of his talent. 

"I tried to present a collection this time around a royal occasion. But in a very modern way, for a modern princess, who likes to treat her realm in a modern way, and the colours are from precious stones, and from this all the collection is embroidered in a way to show it as though it's jewelry."  - Elie Saab about his new collection. 

What is your favorite?

Absolutelu breathtaking, Elie Saab, you are a genius!



  1. A fabulous collection, undoubtedly!


    1. He´s amazing! I so want an Elie Saab wedding dress one day when I get married, haha!