Saturday, July 6, 2013

O.P.I Nails - Not So Hot

This week has been one big technology-nightmare. My laptop has not been working that well and blogging has been almost impossible (I´ve been very tempted to throw my Mac out of the window several times. But I guess that would only make the situation worse), but I´m really hoping I´ll get it fixed asap. So my apologies for being a bit quiet blog-wise. 

A while back I bought some nail-strips from O.P.I. I put them on a couple of days ago and I´m so disappointed!! The quality you get for an expensive price is very poor. I put them on and they almost immediately started flacking and coming off. My nails grow fast, so not the best solution in general, but I expected a lot more. 

The point is that you get all in one, base, color and top. And it should stay good-looking for up to two weeks. You simply remove the clear film from the strips, put them on your nail and use a nail-file to remove the excess strip. I had to put a top cover on, since the strips didn´t stay on that well. All in all, a very disappointing purchase. Have you tried nail-strips, if so, what did you like?


  1. The times I tried this kind of items, always worked just wrong!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


    1. Hi and thanks for visiting! :) I was so disappointed, wanting to try those nail strips forever, but definitely not going to do that again.