Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Style - Summer Outfits

Let me start with a heartfelt apology for the radio silence that´s been going on for the past couple of weeks. July has been a bit of a rough month for me. I got sick again, and I simply haven´t had the energy to blog. All my spare time I´ve spent sleeping. But this week I got a new antibiotic and it seems my persistent virus is finally going away. I don´t like doing things sloppy, so I decided to not blog at all. But now I´m back again, and on my way to being as good as new. 
Truth be told, I´ve also had a bit of a blog-depression, since my photographer moved back to France. Buuut it´s only a couple of months and we´ll have a tête-à-tête rendezvous  (I´m probably using these sayings wrong, but what the heck, makes it sound more interesting and French haha!). On the 29th of August I´ll fly out to Geneva and then spend the weekend in Venice at the Biennale with Frenchie and his dad and then head to Lyon. Can´t wait, it´s gonna be ah-mazing!
Here´s a few outfits that I haven´t posted yet (I have a ton of new outfits I wanna share with you, I need a new photographer!!). Last Sunday I went to my godparents youngest sons confirmation party (my godmother is a genius what comes to cooking, and she did not disappoint this time either). I wore a Zara dress I found on sale and Michael Kors heels. I´m all for mixing budget and designer items together, the right shoes or bag makes any outfit look sophisticated and high-quality.

I´ve finally totally fallen for the jeans-theme. I´ve had a jean-shirt in my closet for a couple of years, but haven´t used it that much before this spring/summer, I´m sold! It gives a more chilled and laid-back look for those days when you just wan´t to look comfy but still chic.

My sista from anotha mista, aka my gorgeous BFF and I had an unplanned jean-theme day on our girls night out a while back (picture taken with my iPhone in the dark, sorry for the blurry quality). Blondes indeed do have more fun, sorry brunettes! 

I´m happy to inform you, that I´ve finally found a blue maxi dress, I´m over the moon! We did a bit of online shopping with mom, and she also has the same dress as I do. Well, my mom is über stylish, so I really don´t mind. Luckily our shoe size is different though, otherwise she would be kidnapping my shoes all the time. 
Here´s a little sneak-peek of the dress and my new hairdo, I look super tired (which I am, going to take a long nap after this). 

I can´t wait to share my new addition to my shoe collection later on, although right now I´m having a the-world-is-gonna-end-cuz-I-did-something-extremely-stupid-to-my-shoes - crisis. But I will tell you all about it later on, and trust me, your gonna want to read this. 

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