Monday, July 8, 2013


Hope you´ve all had a good start to the new week!
As you might remember me mentioning, I´m struggling with my laptop, and blogging has become more of an extreme sport than something I love and enjoy doing at the moment. But no need to worry, I´ll finally get my hard drive fixed this week and blogging will continue as it did before. I tried posting a Lebanese food yummy-post, share some recipes, but after fighting two hours and achieving close to zero (thanks to my Mac which is shutting down every ten minutes while I try to blog) I gave up. I´ll try to get it posted by tonight, I really want to share the recipes with you, who knew home-made Lebanese food could be so easy to do, at least I didn´t. 
I will enjoy two days of quality time with my bestie, enjoying the sun and good company. But do not think I have forgotten you, my lovely readers, quite the opposite! I will return with the food post asap. Enjoy your Monday!