Friday, July 19, 2013

Pupu Is Here!

So remember my post about Minna Parikka? I did some digging and I couldn´t believe my eyes when I bumped into Brandos, they had my Angora shoes on sale! I mean that was clearly a sign, that the shoes and I were destined to be together, right? I ordered them and now they´re finally mine! 

Aren´t they pretty! Of course I couldn´t wait to show off my new babies around town, but I had to spray them with suede-protection before using them. I didn´t want anything to ruin my shoes. Ironically, this is exactly what happened... 

Can you spot the difference between the left and the right shoe? Let me clarify the situation a bit. This is what the shoe is supposed to look like:

And this is what the shoe is definitely NOT supposed to look like:

Yes, I did that, you can only imagine the level of my screaming when I noticed it. Normally I use a see-through spray but this one was black. And of course I realized it´s black when the damage was already done. Who does this, who?? Who is stupid enough to destroy a pair of expensive designer shoes? WHO? The answer starts with an S and ends with a U...
I´ll pay a visit to the shop in Helsinki and hope they can help me, there´s gotta be something that can be done. The sole is leather, so it doesn´t come off, tried that already. 

Anyways, they´re gorgeous and I love them, I will not completely crumble in my despair, I´m counting on a miracle to happen. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Style - Summer Outfits

Let me start with a heartfelt apology for the radio silence that´s been going on for the past couple of weeks. July has been a bit of a rough month for me. I got sick again, and I simply haven´t had the energy to blog. All my spare time I´ve spent sleeping. But this week I got a new antibiotic and it seems my persistent virus is finally going away. I don´t like doing things sloppy, so I decided to not blog at all. But now I´m back again, and on my way to being as good as new. 
Truth be told, I´ve also had a bit of a blog-depression, since my photographer moved back to France. Buuut it´s only a couple of months and we´ll have a tête-à-tête rendezvous  (I´m probably using these sayings wrong, but what the heck, makes it sound more interesting and French haha!). On the 29th of August I´ll fly out to Geneva and then spend the weekend in Venice at the Biennale with Frenchie and his dad and then head to Lyon. Can´t wait, it´s gonna be ah-mazing!
Here´s a few outfits that I haven´t posted yet (I have a ton of new outfits I wanna share with you, I need a new photographer!!). Last Sunday I went to my godparents youngest sons confirmation party (my godmother is a genius what comes to cooking, and she did not disappoint this time either). I wore a Zara dress I found on sale and Michael Kors heels. I´m all for mixing budget and designer items together, the right shoes or bag makes any outfit look sophisticated and high-quality.

I´ve finally totally fallen for the jeans-theme. I´ve had a jean-shirt in my closet for a couple of years, but haven´t used it that much before this spring/summer, I´m sold! It gives a more chilled and laid-back look for those days when you just wan´t to look comfy but still chic.

My sista from anotha mista, aka my gorgeous BFF and I had an unplanned jean-theme day on our girls night out a while back (picture taken with my iPhone in the dark, sorry for the blurry quality). Blondes indeed do have more fun, sorry brunettes! 

I´m happy to inform you, that I´ve finally found a blue maxi dress, I´m over the moon! We did a bit of online shopping with mom, and she also has the same dress as I do. Well, my mom is über stylish, so I really don´t mind. Luckily our shoe size is different though, otherwise she would be kidnapping my shoes all the time. 
Here´s a little sneak-peek of the dress and my new hairdo, I look super tired (which I am, going to take a long nap after this). 

I can´t wait to share my new addition to my shoe collection later on, although right now I´m having a the-world-is-gonna-end-cuz-I-did-something-extremely-stupid-to-my-shoes - crisis. But I will tell you all about it later on, and trust me, your gonna want to read this. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food Favorites - Lebanese

Back again! And my laptop is somehow functioning, so life´s good.

Last week Frenchie left back to France and we had my godparents over for dinner at my parents place before that. Frenchie is half Lebanese, and he´s inherited some awesome cooking skills from his dad. Like father like son, at least in this situation. Anyways, we did some yummy homemade Lebanese food and I thought you might like the recipes, so here goes!

We did Hummus, Baba Ghanoughe and Za´atar chicken. My favorite is the hummus, I could eat it all day long, it´s so gooood. And super easy to make. As are the others, you just need a few ingredients, Tahini and Za´atar (which is a blend of Middlea Eastern herbs, sesame and salt) and some patience when doing them for the first time . In Helsinki you´ll find Za´atar at least in the Jewish food store, Zaafranco, on Malminkatu in Kamppi.The Tahini has to be the right one, there´s a lot of readymade-dips and other stuff that also goes by the name Tahini. There´s big differences between Tahini´s from different countries. As long as it´s 100% sesame oil, it´s good.Frenchie said to go ask at a Lebanese restaurant if they could sell some. In Helsinki try asking at Farouge, the owners are super nice and the food is delicious. We wen´t out on first date to Farouge, try it out!

So, once you got the Za´atar and Tahini covered your almost good to go. You´ll also need some lemons, garlic, olive oil, chickpeas, eggplant, Dijon mustard and then you have it all. 
Frenchie wrote down the recipes for me to share with you. 


-Take a can of chickpeas, rub them with your hands to peel off the skin (it will be easier to digest, less chunky parts after blended)

-In a bowl crush one garlic clove, add one or two teaspoons of salt, the juice of a lemon and six big tablespoons of Tahini.

-Add the chickpeas to the mix, blend it until it becomes a smooth dip (add salt, garlic, lemon to taste, add a bit of water to help the mixing part if too chunky).

- Decorate the Hummus with a thin circle of olive oil on the side and ground paprika, finish up with some persil on top. 
I decorated this one, would´ve been way prettier if Frenchie had done it, but I´m learning. 

Baba Ghanouge:

-Grill entire eggplants on a barbecue (preferably on a coal barbecue or in a fireplace) and once well cooked, shut the fire down and keep the eggplant in the heat (buried in the ashes or close the lid of the barbecue) so the flesh melts and becomes soft.

-Once they are soft, peel off the skin. It can be done roughly, but the less skin, the better.

-Mix with the juice of half a lemon, salt to taste, a yoghurt (optional, for more smoothness) and, per eggplant, one garlic clove and three tablespoons of Tahini.

Looks a bit suspicious at this point... 

But it´ll eventually look like this (we did not add yoghurt since I don´t eat milk produce that much, but if you add it´ll be a lot smoother).

Za´atar Chicken:

This is very easy. You need chicken filets, Dijon mustard and Za´atar. Mix half and half Dijon and Za´atar, slice the chicken filets in half horizontally to get them thin, and spread the mix on both sides of the filet. Put the filets on the barbecue and you´ll have delicious chicken in no time. Easy and fast. I´m not a fan of mustard, don´t like the taste at all, but in this recipe you can´t taste the mustard and I love it!

I´ll post another Za´atar recipe later on, that mix is so delicious! 
Start practicing those homemade Lebanese dips, way to impress your guest next time you invite people over!

For dessert we did a shortcut and bought Pappagallo raspberry sorbet. I´m usually not a fan of sorbets you can find in the grocery stores, but this was so good. And who can resist the color, pink sorbet, doesn´t get better than that.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hope you´ve all had a good start to the new week!
As you might remember me mentioning, I´m struggling with my laptop, and blogging has become more of an extreme sport than something I love and enjoy doing at the moment. But no need to worry, I´ll finally get my hard drive fixed this week and blogging will continue as it did before. I tried posting a Lebanese food yummy-post, share some recipes, but after fighting two hours and achieving close to zero (thanks to my Mac which is shutting down every ten minutes while I try to blog) I gave up. I´ll try to get it posted by tonight, I really want to share the recipes with you, who knew home-made Lebanese food could be so easy to do, at least I didn´t. 
I will enjoy two days of quality time with my bestie, enjoying the sun and good company. But do not think I have forgotten you, my lovely readers, quite the opposite! I will return with the food post asap. Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

O.P.I Nails - Not So Hot

This week has been one big technology-nightmare. My laptop has not been working that well and blogging has been almost impossible (I´ve been very tempted to throw my Mac out of the window several times. But I guess that would only make the situation worse), but I´m really hoping I´ll get it fixed asap. So my apologies for being a bit quiet blog-wise. 

A while back I bought some nail-strips from O.P.I. I put them on a couple of days ago and I´m so disappointed!! The quality you get for an expensive price is very poor. I put them on and they almost immediately started flacking and coming off. My nails grow fast, so not the best solution in general, but I expected a lot more. 

The point is that you get all in one, base, color and top. And it should stay good-looking for up to two weeks. You simply remove the clear film from the strips, put them on your nail and use a nail-file to remove the excess strip. I had to put a top cover on, since the strips didn´t stay on that well. All in all, a very disappointing purchase. Have you tried nail-strips, if so, what did you like?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Paris Fashion Week - Elie Saab

Lebanese Elie Saab has long been one of my favorite designers. I love his designs, chic, classy and timeless. What comes to couture, he belongs to the fashion worlds elite, and his Fall/Winter collection at the Paris fashion week was a spectacular display of his talent. 

"I tried to present a collection this time around a royal occasion. But in a very modern way, for a modern princess, who likes to treat her realm in a modern way, and the colours are from precious stones, and from this all the collection is embroidered in a way to show it as though it's jewelry."  - Elie Saab about his new collection. 

What is your favorite?

Absolutelu breathtaking, Elie Saab, you are a genius!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Date Night

Sunday evening we had our last date night in Helsinki for this summer. Frenchie is going back to his native France today, it´ll be a couple of months and then we´ll be reunited again in France. Then it´ll be date night à la French-style, a three course home-made dinner with champagne (Frenchie is an excellent cook, yummy!). Bring on the fromage and baguette!

One of my new favorite places in Helsinki is Cafe Bar No9 on Uudenmaankatu. It´s a small cosy place with delicious food. Take a look at their menu, one of my favorites is the tomato soup. I´d say it´s pretty safe to assume all the foods are delicious, based on what I´ve tried out. Except for being delicious, it´s also cheap, a rear treat in the oh-so-expensive Helsinki. Try it out and be amazed!

Dad took some pictures of us, "Do something funny!", my version of funny was arm-wrestling, elegant activity for true ladies. 

I went for an easy and girly look, with jeans, baby-pink shirt, matching shoes and a statement necklace. What do you think, hot or not?