Monday, June 3, 2013

Something About Prague...

This weekend has been gorgeous in Helsinki, temperatures close to 30°C, it can´t get better! Well it could, since I was working the whole weekend. But the summer is finally here! Let´s hope it stays like this.

To kick off the blog again, I´ll start with some travel updates. This spring I´ve had the pleasure of visiting two new countries, Latvia and Czech Republic, and also done our traditional trip to Stockholm with my bestie. I´ll start with Czech Republic.
Prague was an amazing city! Absolutely loved it!
It is a gorgeous old city, that has a lot to offer. We mostly just walked around the city exploring the sights and views. 

Everywhere you go there´s beautiful buildings one after the other. I took so many pictures but tried to make a few collages out of them to give an overall picture. How did people manage before smartphones and their cameras, just wondering…

One of my favorite places was the Prague Castle, which is huge. I even found my own private castle, with a golden big S –letter on top of the gate. By the way, if you ever go there, and are wondering, you are allowed to photograph the guards. I of course didn´t know that (since in many countries it is forbidden) and felt a bit stupid trying to be sneaky (read: the exact opposite) and take pictures without the guards noticing. 

Yup, doesn’t get sneakier than that…

Besides the castle, one of my favorite things was the senior citizen Segway- group we bumped into. Hats off to those hardcore guys! 

We stayed in a hotel in the old town called Hotel Neruda. I highly recommend that place. The location was great, close to the castle and a 20 min walk from the main city center. The service was really good, as were the rooms.  Affordable and cozy.
The synagogues are worth visiting and a definite must is to climb up the Astronomic Tower, magnificent view over the city. Cuisine wise, Prague is every beer fans go to destination, but since I don’t like beer I wasn´t too focused on that. If someone wants tips on beers, questions will be directed to Mr. Frenchie (who can probably be seen in some of the pictures) since he was the trips beer expert.  But I did eat amazing seafood, though. Czech cuisine left me a bit disappointed, but then again I think we didn´t go to a proper Czech restaurant. So the blame is on us. 

All in all a beautiful city, go there, eat strawberries, drink cheap beer and learn a few words in Czech. Special thanks to the Irish Pub that showed all of Finland´s games during the Ice Hockey World Championships. Can´t wait for next years Winter Olympics, go Leijonat!

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