Thursday, June 27, 2013

Product Of the Week: The Pen

Back in the city and at work! I spent an amazing mini-vacay but I´m happy to be back to my normal routine, which also means a lot of blogging. I have so many ideas and posts that I want to write, so stay tuned! It´s raining outside and I´m sitting in the office waiting for the thunder to hit, so perfect time to update my blog a bit, haha. 

A couple weeks back, I got an excited text from my BFF. She´d found this marker, with which you can draw and write on all kinds of surfaces and it´s super easily removed with a bit of water. Then she sent me a picture of her apartment that was covered with all kinds of patterns and quotes that she´d drawn. Before I continue I must warn you, this pen is extremely addictive. You will want to draw on any possible surface.
So of course I had to get one.

A new Swedish shop, Granit, very affordable, has opened up in downtown Helsinki. They have all kinds of décor products, furniture and a lot of small things and gadgets. The marker was a bit under 7€ and they come in black and white. We also got a cute light-chain. It has small clips with lights on it and you can hang e.g. pictures and cards on it. Just my kind of store!

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