Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pin it, Facebook it, Tweet it, Hospital it!

Hi all my lovely readers!

I have set up a Pinterest account, please go and check it out (the box to the right that says “Pin it!”) and follow me there as well. In case you haven´t liked me on Facebook yet, that is also made super easy, click the “Facebook it!” box and you will find me. Same goes for Twitter, you can share my posts.
I´m back at the hospital, third day in a row. Apparently the thing I posted about before has gotten worse, but hopefully the doctors will find out what´s wrong today. I want to get well before Juhannus (a big mid-summer holiday in Finland) so we can go to my family´s vacation home in Korppoo, a little island located in Southern-Finland. I´ll do a post about it later, it is my favorite place in this country!

Happy face in the waiting room..
Moving on to a whole other subject. Since having been sitting for hours and hours in the ER for several days, I´ve had a lot of time to think. I´ve been thinking about blogging in general and about how my blog makes me visible and at the same time vulnerable to the world. Everybody has access to my blog and sometimes that intimidates me a bit. What will people think of me? Will they see me as superficial bimbo who´s biggest obstacle in life is what Louboutins to buy? Or as an interesting young woman, who expresses her passion for fashion through the blog? Or something in between? I would like to thank you all for your nice comments and feedback, it warms my heart and gives me the courage to go on, thank you for that!

I love blogging and I´m extremely happy I could finally continue with it. Still, I can´t help but sometimes wonder what kind of picture I´m sending out to the world of myself. 
Although I love fashion and superficial things, there is a lot more depth to me. I´m just using these tools to make the world a more beautiful place for myself. I admit to being a materialist to a certain extent, but it doesn´t define me. It is not the material things that makes me happy. Of course, it brings a lot of joy to buy e.g. a pair of new gorgeous heels, but if I had to, I would be happy even without the possibility to be able to buy those new shoes. I think it is crucial to find what it is that you are passionate about in life and get involved with that. I could not imagine doing this blog if it wasn´t for my passion and interest in the subject. Although fashion makes life more beautiful, it takes a lot more than that to be happy. Love, laughter and health are my priorities, and everything that comes after that, is just something extra that is added into the goodie bag. I´m very grateful to have been born into a country that gives me all the tools I need to succeed in life without having to pay for e.g. education or healthcare. I´m grateful for having grown up Denmark and experienced a new culture and gotten a diverse cultural background. I´m extremely grateful for my loved ones, my friends and family. I´m grateful for all the things, the good and the bad, that I have experienced and endured in my 24 years of living. I feel privileged and blessed. 

Bringing along the essentials to the hospital
I guess I wanted to write this post to get you new readers to know me a bit better and point out, that there´s more to us fashion- and lifestyle- bloggers than what the appearance might give out. At least I hope there is. I hope you will continue commenting and giving me feedback and help make the blog better and beautiful. 

Back to yesterdays happenings. After a long day at the hospital we had a little pampering with strawberries and macarons, yummy (my sugar-detox hasn´t got off to a very good start....). Well this was an extremely mix-match post, hope you got something out of it. If not, please come back later and in the meantime, go check out my Pinterest and Facebook.
Enjoy your day!

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