Monday, June 17, 2013

My Style - The Outfits

My style is very feminine and classy. I love high heels, dresses, accessorize and mixing things up. In the mornings, I usually don´t think that much about what to wear, I just reach for what feels good in my closet. Sometimes it´s more chilled and laid-back and other times I want to dress super fancy-wancy. So I go by the mood. If I start thinking too much about what I´ll wear I get somewhat of a major clothing crisis and it´ll take me forever to decide what to put on. Less thinking and more action is the way to go for me. Otherwise my clothes will end up on the floor in a huge pile and I´ll be wearing an old pair of sweats and Converse.
For me, an outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes and accessorize. They´re easy to play and mix with and makes the outfit complete. Of course, it is essential to know when less is more, when to let the outfit speak for itself with minimal amount of jewelries. I love statement necklaces, big bracelets, beautiful and colorful shoes, big rings and all shiny things, after all, diamonds are a girl´s best friend. 
Here´s an outfit I wore a couple of days ago. We planned on going to Mattolaituri, which is one of my favorite terraces in Helsinki (try out the Moët Ice Imperial, it is super good!), but the wind was so cold and freezing we ended up going home. The Finnish summer can be a bit tricky weather-wise. Can you find a "mistake" with my outfit (hint: look up)?

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when we went to Mattolaituri with some friends. Sorry for the blurry quality, they were taken in the dark with an iPhone. 
Hope you have a great Monday!