Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It´s All About the Nails

Back home again! I can´t tell you how good it feels to not have to go back to the hospital tomorrow and hopefully for a loooooong time. They didn´t find anything serious, I have to start a no-milk-and-lactose diet for two weeks and see if that helps. Also, I´ll have to go take celiac-tests, it is very likely that I have it, since my mom has it and my type 1. diabetes doesn´t help the situation. Anyways, goodbye cheese, it´ll be a tough two weeks but as long as it helps to get rid of this crazy pain in my stomach and back, I´m up for anything. 

Moving on to less painful subjects. I´ve gotten a bit refill to my nail-supply, since I decided, that for the next month, I´ll try to do manicures as often as I can and have pretty nails throughout the summer. I´m a firm believer in that an effortless manicure puts a finishing touch on the appearance. Which is rather ironic coming from me, if only you could see what my nails look like on a daily basis. Before, I used to go get my nails done at a professional salon, but that was a bit on the costly side (nothing is cheap in Finland), so I had to stop it. Ever since, I´ve tried to take care of my nails, but somehow it always become a challenge bigger than climbing up the Mount Everest. My nails are pathetic, thin, weak and crack-a-lacking, to put it nicely. But I haven´t completely given into this despair and I still believe there is hope for me. I´ve tried all kinds of products, strengthening,  get-super-nails-in-30-days- miracle products. Only to realize I´m a victim of sneaky marketing and used money on basically nothing. So this time my weapons will be a healthy diet, maybe some extra vitamin supplements and weekly manicures. Lets see what my nails have to say to that. Score of the moment: Siiri 1 - Nails 0. 

I loooove Essie products. They cover all basic needs, from good base coats to must-have top coats. If you are looking for more flashing colors and some bling, Essie doesn´t provide too much of these kinds of nail-polishes in Finland. I get my favorite dashing and daring colors from e.g. O.P.I or Lumene. Lumene has small, very affordable nail-polishes in all kinds of colors which are fun to play with. Back to Essie. I fell in love with the brand when I spent a summer in California some years back, and I was thrilled when it finally came to Finland. I had already declared useless all base and top coats until I tried out their products. I picked the "grow stronger" base coat, let´s see how that one works, haven´t tried it before. My ultimate favorite product is "good to go". I almost don´t want to reveal the amazingness of this product, I mean, once you´ve tried you can´t live without it. You put it on the nail color and 5 seconds later, bam, it´s dry, super shiny and yes, you are good to go. 

I´ve wanted to try out nail strips for a long time, and finally I got some. Cute zebra pattern, which is not that visible in the picture. I´m a bit sceptic on how they´ll work with my nails, but I´ll try them out after Juhannus and let you know. If nothing else, at least my nails will look super cute for one day. I also found this cool Magnetic Nails polish. It has a magnet on the side of the bottle, with which you can make all kinds of patterns on the polish.
Nacho says hi, he´s been staring at me the whole evening with worried eyes. Poor puppy senses when I´m sick and doesn´t like it at all. And now he put his head on my keyboard and fell asleep, making writing a bit difficult for me. So I´m off to do some nail art!

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