Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Juhannus Korppoo Style!

Hyvää Juhannusta, Happy Mid-Summer!

We have escaped to Korppoo for the Juhannus holidays. I have a six-day mini vacation and it feels goooood! I only have my phones 3G which I can share as a hotspot to get internet for my laptop, so there won´t be as much blogging as normally until next week. But I´ll do my best to share my vacation feelings, yummy recipes, summer outfits etc. as much as possible.
We got a bunch of flowers and birch leaves to make some Juhannus decorations. Here on the islands they don´t have bonfires, instead we have a Juhannus pole, which is decorated with flowers and birch leaves. I´ll post pictures later and tell you non-Finnish readers tomorrow, what Juhannus is all about (the actual day is tomorrow, today is the Juhannus-eve).
Enjoy your Juhannus and stay safe!

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