Thursday, June 20, 2013

French Do It Better. Wait What?!

Last week we went to breakfast at Fazer with Frenchie. If there´s something I love, it´s slow breakfasts and brunches. Good company and yummy food is the best way to start any day. I usually do a breakfast/brunch several times a month, I´ll do a review of different brunch places in Helsinki later on, there´s plenty of very good places to try out. 
Anyways, the French and the Scandinavian/Finnish breakfast differ quite a lot from each other. I prefer a healthy, not the usual nutella-and-jam-on-toast - South European style breakfast. My breakfast consist mainly of rye-bread, veggies, fruit and Green Smoothies. And I love my open faced sandwiches. I mean, you get the whole taste experience like that, putting all toppings on a piece of bread. Frenchie finds this very weird, since apparently you can´t taste the cheese and ham as good as if you would first take a piece of e.g. the cheese, and after that take a piece of bread. No! You can´t do that, what is that even supposed to be, a fancy way of eating food? No, here in Finland we put everything on top of the bread, touch it with our hands (and don´t pick up the piece of ham with a fork, since apparently it´s "gross and less glamourous" to touch the stuffed bread with your hands). Oh mon dieu. 

Here I´m eating a classic open faced sandwich and Frenchie is making his life difficult by eating first a piece of ham with his fork and then taking a piece of bread. Call me a forest woman, but I´m not afraid to get my hands dirty. The glamour is in the eyes of the viewer. 

After a debate on who´s right and who´s wrong, I convinced Frenchie to try it out the Finnish way. Vive la Finlande! His facial expression didn´t give out too much, but I think it´s safe to say, this is something we won´t agree on. What do you think, how is a sandwich supposed to be eaten?

If you love good, homemade bread, cheese, delicious cakes, Finnish chocolate and good coffee, Fazer is definitely the place to go. They serve breakfast on weekdays from 7.30-10.30, it costs 11.90€ and you stay full the rest of the day. The café itself is beautiful with a lot of colorful seasonal decorations and of course, a lot of chocolate. They have a brunch on the weekends, which is around 20€. It is good, more of a breakfast-like brunch, I recommend booking a table in advance, since it is a popular spot. 

After the breakfast we headed to Esplanadi, to do some window shopping for Frenchie´s souvenirs. We went through Pentik and Iittala, both iconic Finnish designer brands, also happens to be some of my favorites. 

We ended up stopping by at LV, because one of my bags needs to see the purse doctor. Of course, I couldn´t just drop by and ask what to do with my bag, but had to take a look at the new arrivals. I found a super cute yellow bag, which is on the right in the picture. But then they showed me the gorgeous, dark pink bag that is in the middle. It was love at first sight, I´m completely sold. 

It screams "buy me, buy me, please love me" and it broke my heart to leave it there. Still thinking about you... But with a pricetag of 1400€, I´m afraid we will never get our fairytale ending to the story. Oh well, cest la vie.


  1. Dark pink -väri = <3 <3 <3