Friday, June 28, 2013

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Summer is a time for dresses. Especially maxi dresses are in this summer, flowy, light and effortlessly chic, they make the perfect summer outfit. I´m on a mission to find a blue maxi dress, haven´t found one I love yet so I did some online-digging. Oasis has a bunch of cute dresses that pleases my eye, also found a few good blue maxis. They ship to more than 20 countries, so shopping is once again made very easy. A bit too easy. It takes up a whole lot of my willpower to not shop-til-I-drop, but somehow I manage to not order anything (yet). 

The maxi in the middle, Chain Neck Maxi Dress (88€) comes in other colors as well, I´m between the blue and the pink one. The April Mesh Pleat Dress (75€) also comes in different colors, it would be a perfect work/night out with a few drinks - dress, I love the see-through panel in the front. Nautical is also once more in this summer, get the perfect look with the Stripe RiRi Dress (69€), super cute! Last but not least, my favorite shoes of the moment, the Leather Sandal from Zara.


  1. i love dresses!!! I love the second dress, is so beautiful!!

    1. I know, and they had so many pretty dresses! :)