Monday, June 10, 2013

Bye Bye Sugar

I guess I´m what one could call a sugar addict. I have a huge sweet tooth and love bread. I used to eat very little bread because of this, but this year I´ve indulged way too much with bread and pasta and other sugary stuff. But enough is enough and I need to get rid of the sugar before entering the promised land of croissants.  Eating less sugar is good especially for my blood sugar balance because of my type 1. diabetes. So from today on, I will start a one-month sugar detox - In search of the perfect blood sugar balance.

I´ve done this once before with good results, got rid of my sugar cravings and felt a lot more energetic. This fairytale ended about six months ago, when I for some reason started eating more and more sugary stuff again. Well, being a student and super busy, I guess that had a lot to do with it, but now I want to go back on track again. I will cut out all visible and not so visible sugars for a month but I still have to eat some fruits because otherwise my blood sugar and insulin levels get a bit tricky to balance out. Of course this means bye bye to alcohol as well, so no more champagne for me. The main point is to focus on good proteins, veggies, good fats and whole-wheats. Right now I´m off to work but I will come back with a more specific post about the subject and keep you updated weekly on my progress.

Wish me luck!

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