Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. I Wish...

This week has been eventful. At least if counted by the number of visits to the doctor. In that scale, I can´t complain about missing out on the action. I had an annoying visitor in the form of a virus, but it will hopefully be gone soon. But I got to catch up with my Aku Ankka (that´s Donald Duck for all you non-Finnish readers) reading and done enough pinning on Pinterest for the rest of the summer. My blog on the other hand has been suffering from it, since most of my spare-time I´ve spent sleeping trying to recover.

Except for spending a ridiculous amount of time at the ER, this week has been summery perfect! A little bit of shopping, a lot of sun, sea, beach, friends and family, champagne, laughter, goofing around, good food, sleeping, Nacho and Frenchie. That is what happy girls are made out of.  
I managed to buy a super cute, thin black-letter-waist-bow-belt (man that is some combo of words) to go with a dress. I was happy about finding the super cute belt only to come home and realize I already have the same in brown. When trying it on, I realized there was a reason why I´ve forgotten about it´s existence, it pops open no matter what! I don´t know what went on inside the head of the designer who created the belt. Probably not much, since it doesn´t stay closed unless I glue the belt together. Then again, who´s stupid enough to forget already owning the same belt and buying another one just to make sure, that no, it still doesn´t work. But the shopping trip ended well, resulting in a cute pink bikini and even cuter clutch finding a new loving home. I also bought a new hair powder that I hadn´t tried before. At around 5€ I didn´t expect that much from it, but it´s perfect! More about these findings later.

This weekend we did a mini road trip to a beach in Porvoo and enjoyed the sun. To you who haven´t been to Porvoo yet, do it if you have the chance! One of my favorite places in Finland. This weekend also included brunching and playing it up tourist style in Helsinki exploring the beauty of this little city. It is amazing how different a place can get in the summer and winter. I love summer in Helsinki, especially now when it´s been so warm and sunny. Nacho has been suffering a bit from the heat though, he´s tired most of the time, which I´m kind of grateful for. Don´t get me wrong, Nacho is my baby and I love him to bits. But sometimes he can be a pain in the butt. He has his girl-craze phase on, falls in love with every girl he passes when out for walks. Needless to say, that can get a bit exhausting and annoying. But a Nacho-dog´s gotta do what a Nacho-dog´s gotta do...

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