Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Favorites - Minna Parikka

I´m a sucker for designer shoes, no denying there. I love the classics, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Blahnik, well you know the list. I´m also a big fan of Finland´s very own Minna Parikka

She established the Minna Parikka-brand in 2005 and ever since, I´ve been a huge fan. Her designs are personal and gorgeous, of course also more affordable than Loubi´s. She pays a lot of attention to the structure of the shoe and her shoes are actually comfy to walk in, even the high ones. She emphasizes on beauty and the appearance and adds comfort into the combination. Something a lot of designers forget. If it´s possible to design a pair of 12cm heels, which actually feel comfy and you can walk in them for the whole day without dying of pain, why not do this? 

"It’s a strange paradox that the world of women’s shoe design is dominated by men.Well, Minna Parikka isn’t prepared to live in a world like that, and she’s on a mission to change it."

We payd a visit to the shop and I found two must-have shoes! Many of the designs are very personal and different, some of them I don´t like at all but then again I fall head over heels (no pun intended here) for some of them. I guess you could call it a love-hate relationship, although love wins most of the time. 


- Minna Parikka

Beautiful shoes makes life a tiny bit easier. And I want to support a domestic brand, since for once there´s actually a brand worth supporting. I found two new loves, the black Angora in the picture above and then the gorgeous coral Jezebel. I already own a pair of the classic black Raquel´s, my mom is also a huge fan and she´s the lucky owner of a couple of pairs. 

Which ones do you like best? Let´s see if my shoe-family will get a new addition this summer...


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paradise Islands Of the North

Spotify is playing “The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong” while I´m going through my last Korppoo pictures, which fits the mood perfect. Life is indeed La Vie en Rose!
On our last day in Korppoo, we took a boat that sails all the way to Utö and stops at several different islands before that. We hopped off at Aspö, which is about halfway to Utö. The trip takes approximately two hours and the boat-ride is free (and dogs are allowed on deck). The boat leaves from Nauvoo, right next to the Nauvoo-Korppoo ferry. After arriving in Aspö, we had until 3pm to enjoy the sun and sea. It is one of the cutest places on the planet. 

During the 1st and the 2nd World War Aspö was a military base for first the Russian army until the Germans took over, since they weren´t allowed to dock on Åland. After that the island has been a peaceful and happy place for fishermen.
With 10 inhabitants, one gravel-road, sea, sun and beautiful nature this place is definitely worth a visit! There goes a guided nature-path through the island and it´s also a popular camping destination. So pack up a tent, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, bikini and some cash and you have the perfect summer destination, voilà! Do a picnic on the cliffs, take a dive in the sea and get a tan, Finlands own Paradise Islands.
To get to Aspö, or the other islands, visit m/s Eivors (the name of the boat) website and check out the timetable. It is called the Utö-route, the harbor in Nauvoo is called Pärnäs, and it is possible to get to Pärnäs by car or bus. 

Nacho loves sailing, however putting sunscreen on the nose and ears is less pleasant... It´s a dogs life. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Summer is a time for dresses. Especially maxi dresses are in this summer, flowy, light and effortlessly chic, they make the perfect summer outfit. I´m on a mission to find a blue maxi dress, haven´t found one I love yet so I did some online-digging. Oasis has a bunch of cute dresses that pleases my eye, also found a few good blue maxis. They ship to more than 20 countries, so shopping is once again made very easy. A bit too easy. It takes up a whole lot of my willpower to not shop-til-I-drop, but somehow I manage to not order anything (yet). 

The maxi in the middle, Chain Neck Maxi Dress (88€) comes in other colors as well, I´m between the blue and the pink one. The April Mesh Pleat Dress (75€) also comes in different colors, it would be a perfect work/night out with a few drinks - dress, I love the see-through panel in the front. Nautical is also once more in this summer, get the perfect look with the Stripe RiRi Dress (69€), super cute! Last but not least, my favorite shoes of the moment, the Leather Sandal from Zara.