Friday, February 13, 2015

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I am back again! So thrilled!
Siiriliinu has moved to a new and improved site, I think you will love the layout and the new style of the blog. Please check it out here. Love to have you onboard the new blog!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Happy Friday, everyone!
As promised in my previous post, here's a little sneak-peak into Cité's marché aux fleurs. If you have some spare time while in Paris, definitely check it out, but it's not the best place for flower-shopping. Everything is double the price compared to non-tourist sites, and the quality of the flowers and plants was poor, with many of them dying and drying out. So I was quite disappointed, but at least I got some eye-candy with all the pretty colors and atmosphere. 
We did buy a couple of things, I'll take a few pics later on, and Frenchie (also the designated bag-carrier of the day) picked out some seeds he's going to plant in our little Parisian-balcony-rooftop-"garden" (this sentence could not be more misleading, but I'll post later on about our "garden"). 
If you want to buy flowers head anywhere else outside the main tourist areas, and you'll see the prices drop dramatically. On the other side of the river, almost parallel to the marché, there is a long line of flower-boutiques, but once again, rip-off prices. So all in all, wander around the city, stay away from the main boulevards and you'll find a ton of less-expensive and inspiring flower-boutiques. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Easter

Spring is officially here! Although at the moment it's raining here in Paris, Thursday marked the "First day of Spring", and I'm filled with spring-jitters! I love the transition-seasons, Spring and Fall. The colors, temperature, light and the atmosphere changes with a promise of something different. And I like a bit of change every now and then, it keeps me fresh and not too stuck in my routines. 
In my family, changing of the seasons and upcoming holidays works as the perfect excuse to spice up the decor according to the time of year. Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the official start of Spring than getting the apartment spruced up with some bright colors? 

Easter is a very traditional holiday for my family. My mom always makes the most beautiful flower-arrangements, and we celebrate with the whole family. On Easter Day we have a chocolate-egg -hunt, The Easter Bunny (aka my dad) hides baskets out in the garden for all of us (these things have no age-limit, my dad will still be hiding those eggs for us when he's old and barely able to walk anymore). Nothing beats a good old treasure hunt, even Nacho gets his own basket. We'll be flying out to Finland for Easter, can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny has in store for us this year!

I'll be kicking off my Easter DIY -project this weekend. I'll head out to the Marché aux fleurs in the 4th arrondissement close to Notre Dame. It's supposed to be the best flower market in Paris, and on Sundays they even sell birds. 
I've been going through Pinterest for some inspiration, I think we'll stick to the more traditional Easter colors (yellow, green, purple etc) and give the apartment a much needed color-facelift. 

If we were in Finland, I'd just head to the nearest forest to pick up some suitable branches and other material, but since there are no forest or bigger parks close to Paris I have to stick to the flower market. I think I might get an angry guard after me if I'd go "borrow" some material from the Jardin du Luxembourg...

 I'll give you a full reportage about the flower market and our DIY-project later on!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Customer Service à la Paris

Time is flying by and the wedding planning is well under its way. I'm starting to have some wedding-jitters, but we should be on track with everything, and luckily I have the best team behind me to help me make this into the awesomest wedding ever!
I was lucky enough to find my dress in the first shop we went to, it was pure love at first sight, and all other dresses I tried on afterwards just felt wrong and lame compared to The One. I guess the myth about finding the perfect dress taking up a ton of time doesn't apply in my case.

My dress is from Pronovias, which is a Barcelona-based brand, specialized in all things wedding. I love their collection, and they have a wide range suitable for different budgets. They also have great options for the mother of the bride.
I'm not going to spoil anything about my dress, but it won't be the most classic choice, since e.g. instead of a veil I'll be wearing a cape. 2014 is all about going bolder and bigger, thinking outside the box and breaking the traditions a bit. 
I did try on a few veils just for the fun of it, but it really was not me at all. 

As much as I love Pronovias I highly recommend that you do not purchase a dress from their Paris shops, unless you want extremely bad customer-service and a bad attitude rubbed in your face. I'm getting mine from Lyon, but my mom wanted to see one of their cocktail dresses when she comes visit us in Paris, so today I went to the shop here to book an appointment. Boy, oh boy did I not only get horrible service, but nobody has ever spoken to me in such a loathing way, that I think we'll be ordering moms dress from Lyon as well. There the staff is amazing and so helpful, they truly make buying the dress a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and just for that, it is more than worth the 2 hour long TGV-ride from Paris to Lyon. No Parisian Mr. Know It All - is going to ruin my wedding mood!


Monday, March 10, 2014

As Chilled As It Gets

20°c in March, need I say more? I've been enjoying the uncharacteristically warm spring weather with all my heart. Yesterday, we spent most of the day chilling out, laying on the grass in front of Sacré-Cœur and it felt goooooooood. Although, I've already managed to get  this years first sunburn, and the air is polluted to such an extent that the Eiffel Tower is barely visible during the daytime. My poor, clean Finnish lungs are not used this amount of pollution, when outside I'm coughing like someone suffering from a bad case of pneumonia. I think this is why Finnish people don't move abroad, or if they do, they move to Sweden, no bad pollution there either. 
I was this close to buy one of those mouth-masks but came to the conclusion that I rather suffer an asthma-attack over a hideous mask-tanline. The price of vanity, huh. 
I guess most Parisians have worn out their lungs with all the smoking and passive smoking, and don't even notice the pollution - I sometimes feel like a suffering, out-of-place, pale animal amongst all these French people. 

Besides suffocating I also got to take my new spring coat out for a day in the city. I love my Round Neck Coat from Zara, it is cute, feminine and playful - everything spring-wear should be!
Referring to the title of the post, this is truly the most chilled outfit I could pull off. I bought those flower-paterned blue espadrilles last fall in Lyon when a shopping trip went badly wrong. I got horrible blisters on both of my feet, and was close to giving up on all hope of walking home with my dignity intact form the mall, when I bumped into these 7€ espadrilles. They've been my go-to chill out-shoes ever since, a friendship I didn't see coming. 

Hope you enjoyed the sunny pics, come back again soon!


Monday, March 3, 2014

The Oscars-Challenge

So, who watched the Oscars yesterday night? I love the Oscars and I have a long tradition of staying up all night watching the awards show. I usually arrange an Oscars party with my friends and we help keep each other awake for the whole night. My mom used to participate until she gave up when realizing that she always falls asleep after the first hour. 
Starting with the red carpet and lasting all the way through the show can be quite a mission impossible, but I've done it for years ever since I was 13 years old (the show starts around 1 am in Finland and ends after 7 am). 

Unfortunately this year I had to skip it, being a working grown-up isn't always that much fun, huh. Instead Frenchie and I are going to watch the show on Friday night, and until then we have to watch all the nominated movies, at least the ones up for best picture. Last year I managed to check out all the best picture - nominees and I must say that 2013 was one of my favorite years Oscar-wise. This years movies have left me a bit disappointed, I still believe The Butler was worthy of its nomination. But I guess when you openly criticize the US government, that's the price you pay and you're left without a nomination. 
Anyways, we're doing our best to not hear or read who won what yesterday, although I couldn't escape hearing a few winners, someone also shouted them out loud at Frenchies office, but what would a challenge be if it was too easy?

Until the end of the week, I'l focus on the outfits, which is unsurprisingly one of my favorite parts. I found this beautifully made illustration of the dresses worn by all the best Actress Oscar winners since 1929, made by a London based digital agency
It's fascinating to compare how the styles have changed throughout the years, from the modest of-the-rack dresses to the high-fashion couture creations. One of my all-time favorites is last years Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence, it's simple in all its glory and Jennifer wore it perfectly. And how could you ever forget the dress, it is after all the one she took a big tumble in when walking up to accept her Oscar. 
Even though she just fell and is laughing her butt off in the above picture, there's just something so princess-like about it, I can't help but think of a Cinderella-like princess who lost her shoe at the ball and is waiting for her Prince Charming to come swap her off her feet. And to me that's what the Oscars are about, a glamorous evening filled with beautiful gowns and charm, spiced up with a lot of coffee, laughter, yawns, mind-over-tiredness battles and good memories shared with your near and dear ones. 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shades of Red

The ballerina season is here! I can't believe I'm able to wear ballerinas in the beginning of March. I'm used to the usual Helsinki-slush and rain, not to mention cold temperatures, so this is truly a luxury!
Paris has been one fashion-hotspot this week thanks to the Fall/Winter Ready to wear 2014 Paris Fashion Week. Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to experience much of the fashion week due to still being more or less home-bound recovering from the flu, but I'll make up for it come next fashion week. 
Tomorrow I'll be kicking in phase 2 of my new plans for the blog. When I first started out with the blog I didn't have any specific goals for it, but as time has passed, it has truly developed into a dear passion of mine and that is why I've decided that 2014 will be an important year for the blog. It is time to take it to a new level and focus on making it bigger and better. I love  sharing my passion for fashion, shoes, traveling and life here in Paris and now I finally have the time to do that on a daily basis. So be sure to be a part of my growing blog, it wouldn't be anything without you my dear readers!
I also want to say a big thank you for all the comments you post, I really appreciate all of them!

Á demain!